Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Going to and fro

The other part of the last few months has been looking at importing and exporting and synchronizing.

Spent a great deal of time looking at the iCalendar specification and all of the recurrence rules. And then I read all of the use cases for recurrence rules interoperability that have been put together by some incredibly diligent groups of people. The people that work on those specs definitely come under my heading of unsung heroes.

As often appears to be the case in the area of calendaring, there are really no clean answers. And, going back and forth between the icalender format and a more flexible internal model is going to require a great deal of detailed work. But, it is very clear that iCalendar is the de facto standard for now and I see nothing on the horizon yet that will replace it.

And personally, I think it gives the biggest bang for the buck. If I can support CalDAV and ICalendar to any significant degree I will be able to publish calendars to and from Google Calendar , as well as many others applications.

So my immediate attention is to support import/export for ICalendar , and then support using CalDAV to publish.

- Jim

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