Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taking things public

About two weeks ago I realized that I was creating this project as an open source project but not taking it out into the open source community.

Anybody see a small disconnect there?

So, I have started a project (called saltation) on SourceForge and I will be checking in code within 24 hours.

And, I have already run into my first roadblock (or at least a speed bump).

Specifically, it is the build system. I use a common build framework for all of my projects which I call appropriately enough, common-build. It uses Ant and Ivy for the build and dependency management. For a little more information on that see this posting in my other blog : Ant versus Maven.

Both Maven and Ivy use an external repository for storing dependencies such as Java libraries. SourceForge still hasn't worked out all the ways to interact with this. so the bottom line is one of my first tasks is going to be making the build system require a minimum of setup (. I.e. you should be able to build right out of the box).

That will probably take me a day or two counting testing.

Till then,

- Jim

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