Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Context is decisive

Context is decisive. What ever context you have for piece of information governs
your understanding of that piece of information. So context is decisive.

I have had thoughts about context going around and around in the back of my head
for days now. And since they are getting in the way of my other work I am
putting them into the blog in the hopes that they will leave me alone.

One of the most common requests I have bumped into is for the PIM to take into
account the context in which you are running the application. So, in other
words, if you are at work it would only show you by default the tasks and events
pertinent to you being at work. If you are on the road it would only show you
those items that are pertinent to you being on the road.

The GTD methodology recommends setting up tasks list with tags such as @phone
and @office so that when you are on the road you can simply list those tasks
that you have the resources to perform. Is this something that makes sense to
model in a more sophisticated manner.

In other words, what does knowing the context make available in terms of work?
Should it be modeled and if so how?

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