Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PIM Manfesto

Personal Information Manager Manifesto

A manifesto is a declaration of principles. It may sound grandiose, but this declaration of principles is important to me because it is the distillation of at least 7 years of thinking about what the future I want to create really is.

Principal: The PIM is an expression of how people live their lives.

The things users talk about in real life correspond to the things they manipulate in their PIM. For example if a person thinks in terms of anniversaries, holidays, meetings than those are the things they schedule rather than something called an event.

The actions users talk about in real life correspond to the actions they take in their PIM. If they think in terms of making and keeping promises than the PIM makes it possible to make and keep promises.

Principle: The PIM has a very minimalist design.

It displays what the user needs when it is needed rather than overwhelming them with all the information they might need.

Principal: The PIM is designed to use and make available connections between the things the user deals with.

The PIM makes available the connections between the data when the user needs them. It is easy for the user to lay out the communities in their lives the way they think of them. Adding and subtracting people from a community should be easy.

Principal: The PIM allows users to recognize what is available from where they
are rather than remembering.

Having the user be able to get the information they need when they need it and recognize its availability rather than remember where it would be.

I will probably add to or simplify this over time but I wanted to get it down in writing and out there.