Thursday, August 6, 2009

Upgrading my existing PIMs and Systems

Periodically, I reviewed the existing PIM solutions that are out there in the hopes of finding something that will please to handle my intermediate needs while I am writing something to handle all of my needs.

I am currently using Evolution in connection with Google calendar and sinking evolution to a Palm pilot. In my review. I discovered that Chandler is now at a greater than 1.0 version. Yay. Sort of.

I have often commented in this blog about how effectively the Chandler Project has modeled the domain of task management and scheduling. They have some brilliant concepts and have nailed many of the basic issues needed to take things to another level.

Unfortunately, stability is not one of them. I tried pulling down and installing Chandler on four different machines/OSes. Windows XP/Vista/Ubuntu 8 and Ubuntu 9.

Every single one of them crashed multiple times during normal operations. Whether it was importing from Google ics files, to creating a new collection, or creating a new calendar. Crashes were the rule rather than the exception.

This was also my experience over a year ago.

I don't know what else to say, but "Damn"

Over the weekend . I will look at both Thunderbird 2.0 and its corresponding Lightning plug-in as well as the Thunderbird 3.0 beta and its corresponding Lightning plug-in.

- Jim

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