Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New packaging equals new tools

Sometimes a new package gives new life to existing functionality.

I am working to track down a resource leak in our project at work, that only occurs during rare instances. Of course, I am using NeoLoad to stress the system, but since it appears to be a resource leak. I was planning to use the built-in JVM monitoring tools for doing what I need to do.

Those tools are generally commandline tools and I always have to refresh my memory about how they work.

But lo and behold, Sun had a brilliant idea in the package a front end interface called "Java Visual VM" that combines the profiling, monitoring, and heap dump capabilities all in one.

Go ahead and try it out. It should probably become a habit to routinely monitor applications you're working on when running unit tests and such. And since it is built into the 6.0 JDK , Sun has just lowered the bar to doing that kind of monitoring.

Very useful and built into your JVM.

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